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Talent sourcing for BC-based companies involved in construction, engineering, and development.


Bridging Talent & Opportunity

FAS Recruitment is a boutique firm, uniquely focused on construction, engineering, and real estate development sectors.

Our approach is fundamentally different from larger agencies as we only focus on a limited number of clients and roles at any given time. This exclusivity enables us to provide both clients and candidates with unparalleled attention, time, and service.
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What makes us different?

Whether you're looking to hire or find your next role, there's a reason people choose to work with FAS.

Specialized Knowledge
Our focus is solely on the construction, engineering, and real estate development sectors, ensuring we understand your unique needs and challenges.
Deep Local Insights
With our roots in Vancouver, BC, we have an intimate understanding of the local market and its evolving demands.
Quality Over Quantity
Unlike others, we won't bombard you with unfit resumes. Our approach is to provide a select list of candidates perfectly matched to your requirements.
Efficient Talent Sourcing
We know time is of the essence. Our streamlined recruitment process ensures you get the right talent quickly, without the hassle.
Curated Opportunities
Searching for a new role can be time consuming. With FAS, you'll only receive handpicked job openings that truly match your expertise and career objectives, not just a list of any available positions.
Transparent Communication
Frustrated working with recruiters that will put you forward for a role and then go dark? We value your time and will keep you fully informed and engaged throughout the hiring process.
Strong Industry Relationships
Benefit from our established connections with leading firms, opening doors to exclusive opportunities and networks.

Active roles.

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If you don’t find a suitable position, you can still send us an e-mail with your experience and resume.

Meet our founder

Des Fleury, an Irish native now based in Canada, blends his background in law and finance with a keen expertise in the construction and development sectors.

Since moving to Canada in 2015, he has made his mark in recruitment, known for his ability to connect top-tier talent with industry leaders.

Leading FAS Recruitment, Des is recognized for his dedication to building lasting relationships and shaping the future of these industries in British Columbia, establishing himself as a respected figure in the recruitment field.

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Phone: 604-374-3923
Email: info@fasrecruitment.com

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